Ali grew up in South-East London and struggles with not having a mental illness

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Jesus is a Snowflake

Jesus is a snowflake

Jesus is a tool

Jesus needs a safe space

When he goes to school

Jesus signals virtue

When he goes to town

He probably has blue hair

And a stern, judgemental frown

Jesus plays the victim

Whenever things get bad

Like all the other snowflakes

He runs back home to dad



January 20, 2023

Eklas has an iPhone

Eklas has an iPhone

In the pocket of his coat

It has apps and sound and colours

And a sentence that he wrote

Eklas is a human

And he does things humans do

He has facial expressions

When he tries to talk to you

Eklas has employment

Eklas manages a team

He asks you to confirm your shift

With letters on a screen

Eklas likes emojis

And they punctuate his thought

There are many to choose from

For choice he is not short!

Eklas pays for sex sometimes

Why ever would you knock it?

Eklas paid for sex today

With money from his pocket

Eklas is a person

And he thinks with person’s mind

You could not call him evil

And you could not call him kind

Eklas doesn’t mince words

Doesn’t say thank you or please

But when he’s on his Iphone

He communicates with ease

Eklas is a normal man

And Eklas has a mother

One day she went missing

And he had to find another

Eklas went to Tesco

And he bought a chicken wing

Eklas has got house keys

On the end of a keyring

Eklas died on Wednesday

Now he floats in space, alone

But you can still reach him

On his magical Iphone

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